Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I buy artwork directly from your website?

A:  Blair Russell artworks are currently only available from select Galleries / Owners.  Our website catalogue is simply a reference for all created artworks including artwork locations, provenance, and sales information statistics.

If you are looking to acquire a painting please contact us for more information.

Q:  Why do you keep Perpetual Ownership of all completed artwork?

A:  Simply put I have always believed that artist’s should focus on completing artwork.  Keeping a perpetual ownership of each artwork allows me to focus on creating while still being compensated from works that are sold on the secondary market.

As artwork increases in value over time it is also nice to know that I will have a stake in all future transactions for each artwork.

Q:  How are you compensated for your work?

A:  Whenever an artwork is sold the seller of the work is asked to return to our website to pay the artists estate commission payment.  Payments are made directly from each artworks individual listing or from our general Artists Estate Payment page.

Q:  How much are the artworks currently worth?

A:  Prices for each individual piece of art are set by the individual galleries / owners.  As sales information is received we keep a detailed record of the information in our website catalogue.

Q:  Which Art Galleries in the USA have your work?

A:  We currently work with a large number of premier galleries throughout the United States.  For a full listing of all art galleries that may carry  work please check our Art Galleries List.  If the gallery closest to you does not have any paintings available please have them contact us directly.